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Terms & Conditions


Goods and services are only supplied on the condition that the Purchaser has read and fully accepted our Terms of Trading, as detailed below.  The placing of an order or the acceptance of the annual program is deemed that the customer has accepted our terms and conditions of sale.

Reservation of ‘Title’ to Goods

The property in the Goods shall not pass to any persons until all monies, owed to Wormers Direct, have been paid in full.    The customer shall be entitled to use the goods, and pay compensation as detailed below in the case of default.

Confirmation of Delivery

It is a legal requirement that the customer confirms receipt of goods.  The customer guarantees to confirm delivery by calling the Customer Care Line on 01267 241136 within 24 hours of receipt of goods.

Claims for non-delivery or short delivery must be notified within three working days in writing.

Cancellation of Internet Orders

1. The customer has the right to cancel the order within 7 days of receipt of the product. 
2. There are strict rules regarding the return of prescription medicines and the following MUST be complied with for a credit to be made.
3. The product must be returned in the original packaging, undamaged, with the security seal in tact.
4. If any of the above conditions fail to apply then a credit can not be made.
5. If all of the above conditions are complied with then a full refund will be made, on receipt of the goods at our offices.
6. We recommend that all returned product is sent recorded delivery.
7. Please see the return of good instructions below for additional conditions of return.

1. Payment for all other customers is within 7 days of the invoice date.  If payment is not received within 7 days then a default charge of 10% of the gross invoice total will become due and payable, without exception.

2. Once a dung sample has been mailed to the laboratory then payment is due for the service.  THERE IS NO CANCELLATION POLICY ONCE THE LABORATORY HAS PERFORMED THE SERVICE.  Worm count results will be withheld until payment has been received. The customers’ usual payment terms will apply.  If the customer does not have an account facility with us then payment must be received within 7 days of the laboratory receiving the sample, otherwise a default charge of £25.00 will apply in all cases.

3. Credit references will be required for those customers that require the facility of a credit account.  Until acceptable credit references have been received, Proforma invoices will be issued.  Payment of all Credit Accounts become due, on the payment date as stated on our invoices.  Should payments not be received on the due date, a minimum credit charge of 10% will become payable on all such accounts, without exception.

4. If customers do not adhere to our payment terms on two or more occasions then they will be required to pay for all products in advance and any annual price and discount agreements will become null and void.

5. If any customer on any payment plan is in arrears with any payment for a period greater than thirty days then interest will become chargeable on the total amount outstanding at a rate of 5% above LIBOR.  This will be calculated on a daily basis and will be due and payable by the customer.

6. Any and all costs of recovering late payments will become due and payable by the customer.

Prices, Carriage and Credit Notes

 All goods are subject to VAT at the current rate. 
 Carriage charges are included in the quoted price, unless advised separately. 
 Returned goods will not be accepted for credit without prior agreement.
 Returned goods can only be accepted for credit if the packaging is intact and the security seal has not been broken.  This will be verified at the Goods In point and their findings are final.

Complaints Procedure

If you wish to make a complaint about the servicve or products that you have recieved please correspond by Telephone, by email or through our postal address.  Tel:01267 223322, email: Postal Address: Equine, Pets and Livestock Animalcare Ltd Glien House Cillefwr Industrial Estate Carmarthen SA31 3RB. All complaints will be investigated and aim to be resolved within 48 hours. If a full response is not possible within 48 hours we will let you know the timescales of a resolution to your complaint. The VMD complaints procedure and link is available on the Information sheets page. 


The Veterinary Medicines Regulations

Anthelmintics are categorised as POM-VPS or NFA-VPS products and can only be sold by Merchants or Saddler Listed Retailers.  Further details can be obtained from: The Veterinary Medicines Directorate, at Woodham Lane, New Haw, Surrey, KT15 3LS.  Telephone No: 01932 336911. Wormers Direct is a trading name of Equine, Pets and Livestock Animalcare Ltd who are listed as an approved SQP retailer premises, and employ qualified staff to supply, and provide advice, on the use of anthelmintic products.

It is a legal requirement that all products supplied are for use on animals in the customer’s care only.  Products cannot be supplied for resale or distribution of any kind.  The customer agrees only to purchase product for animals under their car

Once you have ordered any of our products a Suitably Qualified Person (SQP) will contact you to confirm that the details of your order are correct and relevant to the animals in your care.  This is a legal requirement in the UK for the sale of products on our site.  Anthelmintics can only be approved for distribution if the SQP belives that the item meets the guidelines that Wormers Direct abides by at that time. This includes the British Veterinary Association guidelines on responsible use of Anthelmintics in grazing animals (January 2010).

Human Consumption Declaration and Equine Passport Legislation

Please note when purchasing wormers if the wormer you are buying is, or is not suitable for equines intended for Human Consumption, and/ or what the withdrawal period post treatment is. 

Manufacturers Instructions

 All goods supplied are licensed for use in the UK and must be used in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.  This includes storage and dosing instructions.
 The customer must consider any health warnings before using the products.
 In the event of any adverse reaction recourse is with the manufacturer of the product.  Adverse reactions must be reported to Wormers Direct within 12 hours of the incident and the manufacturer will be contacted and advised.
 All anthelmintic products will have a security label sealing the packaging.  The customer must verify that this has not been broken when the product is received.  Notification must be within 12 hours to Wormers Direct.

Return Of Goods

Goods will only be accepted for return by prior arrangement and agreement.

Returns to correct an error in delivery or ordering

Items requiring temperature-controlled storage will be accepted to correct a delivery error only.  In this case the goods must be returned, not later than the next working day and must have been stored correctly whilst on the customers premises.

 To be considered for return the goods must be in perfect original condition, not marked in any way and should NOT show any evidence of being tampered with.
 Goods will only be accepted if they are returned within 10 days.
 In the event of the above conditions not being met, goods will not normally be accepted for return.

Returns because a product or package is alleged to be faulty

Goods will be returned to the Manufacturer, for examination and comment.  Credit will only be issued as authorised by the Manufacturer.

Terms of Trade Specific to an Intelligent Annual Worming Programme

Guarantee and Disclaimer of Liability

1. An annual worming program can be designed following the results of a worm count analysis, together with data on husbandry practises and pasture management.

Worms are parasites that spend a proportion of their life cycle externally to the host animal.  Any worming program can only eliminate internal eggs, larvae and adult worms at any given point in time.  It can only be effective in complete elimination if it is combined with correct husbandry and pasture management practises.

The degree of external larvae populations will directly affect the effectiveness of the worming program.  This external population cannot be directly exterminated.  It cannot also be directly measured although its size can be inferred from comparing the trend in worm count results over a 12 – 24 month period.

Due to the above Wormers Direct cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the program on the elimination and control of the worm population.

Wormers Direct can guarantee that the products and program recommended will contain the correct chemical compounds that will attack the parasites identified in the worm count results.

2. Wormers Direct will guarantee these benefits that will be provided by an Intelligent Worming Program:

 To determine the level of the worm burden at a given point in time.
 To recommend the chemical compound that will be most effective.
 To eliminate excessive and over worming where it has been determined from worm count results that parasite infestation is low.
 To design an annual worming program that addresses the individual circumstances of each customer.

3. Wormers Direct can guarantee to ship all products identified in the annual program seven days in advance of treatment.

4. Each Intelligent Worming Program is specific to the customer it was designed for.  Title to the program remains permanently with Wormers Direct. 

5. In the event of the program information being communicated to a third party, Wormers Direct accept no liability for any consequences to the third party.