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Guide to Worming

Guide to Worming

When it comes to worming your horse, gone are the days when you could give the horse any old wormer and expect it to work, with faecal egg counting, you will know for certain if your horse has a burden and what is best to treat them with, otherwise, you could end up with one of these!

We offer a simple solution. By purchasing one of our kits, all you need to do is collect a dung sample.

Pop the sample in to post using the prepaid envelope provided

We will then test the sample and email you the results

Now you have a better understanding whether or not your horse as a worm burden, if so, you can order a wormer to be dispatched to your door within 48hrs. Be sure to weight the horse to ensure you are treating at the correct dosage.


Its always best to keep monitoring your horse, therefore, we recommend your faecal egg count regularly to make sure to wormer is working and is tackling the worm burden, giving you a healthy and happy horse.