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Herbal Pet Parasite Control

worming_catsThere are herbal and natural parasite control products available to enhance the immune system of your pet which helps to repel worms.

Wormers Direct can help you in the transition from a chemical to a herbal and natural parasite control programme.




The pet’s immune system plays an important role in the level of worm infestation that he might have.  The pet will naturally repel a greater number of worms if he has a strong immune system.  Pets with a low immune system, such as the very young or the very old, are more at risk from large worm infestations and worm damage because they have low natural defences.

The herbal and natural products on the market today use natural plants, grasses, herbs and other organic material that assist the immune system in repelling parasites.  They are not licensed in the same way as the chemical wormers, and therefore not subject to the same testing, however the manufacturers have all conducted their own tests that show the effectiveness of the products.

They are very good products to use on organic farms and land.

You can purchase from the complete range of herbal and organic products available in our shop.

We have listed below answers to the questions that we get most frequently asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they work?

Can I combine a herbal product with chemical wormers?

What products are available?

How do I choose between them?

Which worms do they treat?

Are there any side effects?

Are they safe to use?

Do they work?

Herbal and natural herbs and substances work with the pet'’s system to create an environment that repels adult worms and in which they cannot survive.  They do not work on eggs, larvae  or tapeworm.

Herbal and natural products are not licensed in the same way that chemical wormers are and are not subject to the same testing.  The manufacturers have all conducted their own tests that show that these products do work.

Our consultants can manage the conversion process for you and review whether or not the herbal and natural parasite control strategy is working for you.

Can I combine a herbal or natural product with chemical wormers?

Herbal and natural products can be used to supplement targeted chemical treatment.

What products are available?

The main products are:

Verm-X for Cats                                 In treat form. Feed half a treat a day.

Verm-X for Dogs                                In treat form.  Feed daily according to weight.

Verm-X Working Dog Formula             In liquid form.  Feed consequetively 3 days per month, every month.

Verm-X for Goats                               In pellet form. 10g per head per day for seven days. Repeat monthly.

Petworm (Cats and Dogs)                   Given in feed, soaked on a piece of bread or in drinking water
                                                        Given monthly

We stock the full range of herbal and natural products in our shop.

How do I choose between them?

The main difference between them is the method of application and the treatment period.  You need to decide which one iis best for you and your pet.

Verm-X is the only herbal formulation available for goats.

Which worms do they treat?

Herbal and natural products do not treat tapeworm.  It is advisable to always dose with chemicals at least once a year for these.

Are there any side effects?

None have been reported.

Are they safe to use?

Verm-X for dogs, treats or liquid, cannot be used on bitches in whelp.

Verm-X for cats cannot be used on pregnant queens and not until the kittens have been weaned.

Do not use Verm-X for cats on kittens until they are a year old.