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Healthy Pet Scheme

worming_dogsTo maintain the health of your dog, cat, puppy or kitten you can register them with us and we will ensure they stay protected from worms at all times.

Let us remember when your pet needs worming or flea treatment and what with.  You can pre – approve all prices and your wormer will arrive automatically in the post 5 days before you are due to worm.  

The pet registration scheme works for individual customers with one dog or cat and also for kennel/cattery owners and breeders.

Obtain a Quote

There is no charge for requesting a quote and then, once you have approved the prices, the products on the health programme are sent out to you automatically.

The scheme is designed to make it one less thing to worry about.  Everyone knows that their adult dog or cat needs worming every three months but it is probably six months by the time you actually get to a shop to buy the wormers.

With the Healthy Pet Scheme Wormers Direct will remember for you.  Your pet will have a health register that remains with him even if his ownership is transferred.  This is especially useful when breeding puppies/kittens and ensuring that the new owners are going to worm them correctly.

Obtain a Quote

We have detailed below answers to the most frequently asked questions but if you have one that is not answered then please either email us or call our consultants on 01267 241136.


What is involved in the healthy pet scheme?

How do I register?

What if I change my mind?

What if I can get the products cheaper elsewhere?

I am a breeder of dogs or cats, how can it work for me?

What is involved in the pet registration scheme?

You can register your own health care programme with us or ask for a worming and flea program to be designed for you.

We will provide a fixed quote for the supply of products.

You approve the quote and return to us for registration.

With our monthly payment plan you can choose to spread the cost over ten months by standing order, or register a credit card that will debited on the treatment due date.  Alternatively you can prepay quarterly by cheque, in advance.


How do I register?

Either request a quote from your account section of the website or call us direct on 01267 241136. 

By completing the pet registration form you are not committed to purchasing any products, but are simply asking for a quote.

What if I change my mind?

You can cancel the agreement at any time and will only have to pay for the products and services that have been provided.  There are no cancellation  penalties.

What if I can get the products cheaper elsewhere?

We price match to all other worming companies on a weekly basis and have found that there can be a difference in price, sometimes in our favour and sometimes against.

Our existing customers say that the time saving and convenience of the pet register scheme outweighs the times when the price fluctuates against our quote.

However you are free to cancel the agreement at any time, for any reason, without penalty.

What if I am a breeder of dogs or cats?

We can supply whatever products you require on a request basis or alternatively on a fixed programme.  If you are registered as a breeder then we will always contact you to verify quantities required before sending any products.  We will also register each puppy and provide a health care program that can go with him or her to the new owners.

Obtain a Quote