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Organic Farming


We are currently developing our services to support organic farmers.

If you require assistance with developing a worming strategy that incorporates all animals on your land then please either email us or call direct on 01267 241136.

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There are two areas whereby we can assist the organic farmer in maintaining healthy livestock without the use of chemicals:

Herbal and Organic Wormers

We stock herbal and organic wormers for sheep, goats, alpacas, horses and ponies, donkeys, cats and dogs.  These can be used safely within an organic farming environment.

Worm Egg Counts

We can carry out and monitor worm egg count analysis on dung samples of sheep, goats, horses, ponies and donkeys.  This will ensure that you are aware of any larvae build up and large worm levels in sheep and other animals grazing the organic pasture.

 We keep treatment records of all worm egg counts and products subsequently administered.

Please email us regarding the size of your flock and number of worm egg counts required so that we can quote on an individual basis.