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Stomach Worms 2

Stomach Worm (Summer Sores)   Habronema and Draschia

These worms are all found in the stomach of the horse but the larvae can be deposited on wounds on the skin causing summer sores.

Size Appearance

1cm – 2.5cm long, slender white

Location In Horse

The adult worms are found in the stomach of the horse.


The adult worms in the stomach cause very little problems. 
The presence of the larvae in the sore can cause a quite extensive lesion.  The horse will be irritated and rub the sore causing it to bleed.
The condition will reoccur annually.

Life Cycle


The adult worms can be treated with anthelmintics, however the summer sores are more difficult to treat and veterinary advice should be taken.

Preventative Measures

  • Kill flies in manure piles where they breed.
  • Use fly repellent to prevent flies from settling on the horse