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Pinworms (Seatworms)

Oxyuris equi

These worms are more of an irritation, than harmful.  It is usually an infection in stabled horses, as the eggs cannot survive for long in grass.

Size Appearance

Up to 10cm long and white-grey in colour. They have a long tail tapering to a point.

Location In Horse

Lives in colon from where it migrates to rectum to lay eggs, in clumps of 50,000 eggs


Itchy anus causes tail rubbing

Life Cycle


The only way to treat pinworm is with anthelmintics (wormers) containing any of the chemicals ivermectin, moxidectin, benzimidazole or pyrantel embonate.

If dung collection rather than chemical treatment is controlling worms then O.equi could develop in stabled horses.  The horse should be treated for pinworms twice a year.