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Lungworm       Dictyocaulus Arnfieldi

Lungworm is primarily found in donkeys, and horses are typically only affected if they graze alongside the donkeys. 

Size Appearance

Up to 8cm long, slender thread like worms

Location In Horse

They are found in the lungs


Lungworm is difficult to diagnose and can cause respiratory problems.

Persistent Coughing
Ill thrift

Life Cycle

Donkeys rarely show any symptoms but act as a ‘carrier host’ to the lungworm.  Horses will be infected from donkeys but once infected the life cycle can continue without the presence of a donkey.


The only way to treat lungworm is with anthelmintics (wormers) containing any of the chemicals ivermectin, moxidectin or benzimidazole.  These chemicals will remove both the migrating larvae and adult worms.