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Diagnosteq Worm Egg Count Service

We have referred to the Diagnosteq team in many areas of our web site.

The team is led by Dr C J Proudman MA, VetMB, PhD, CertEO, FRCVS who is the leading expert on parasitology in the UK.  The veterinary team that he heads carries out trials and research into parasites and have developed the groundbreaking tapeworm antibody ELISA test. H20

Chris and his team write many of the articles in the Horse and Hound and other popular magazines.

We support the work of the University by offering their Diagnosteq service on worm egg counts.  There is a £1 surcharge on our standard price due to the cost of running the laboratory.

If you would like your worm egg count to go to Diagnosteq then please select this on the risk assessment or click here to order straight from our shop..

If there are any adverse results then your vet can contact the team for advice.  He can also take a blood sample and send to the team for the ELISA test, if required.

Diagnosteq have a web site that covers their research and has more clinical information on how worms cause disease.  The link is shown below