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Weight Assessment

There is no substitute for knowing your horses weight accurately.  A weigh tape can be purchased through our online shop that will help you with this.

The below is a guideline to dosing rates, but should not be used instead of using a weigh tape.

 Under 12hh  Shetland, Dartmoor, Welsh A  200kg – 320kg
 12hh to 13hh  Exmoor, New Forest, Welsh B  230kg – 330kg
 13hh to 14hh  Connemara, Dales, New  Forest, Welsh C 290kg – 390kg
 14hh to 15hh  Arab, Dales, Welsh D  360kg – 550kg
 15hh to 16hh  Arab, TB, ID, Welsh X 400kg – 550kg
 16hh to 17hh  TB, Warmblood 470kg – 650kg
 17hh to 19hh  Warmblood. Heavy Horse Breeds 550kg – 1000kg
This table is used to show the huge variations in weight within height ranges. 

It would be very easy to overdose the lighter weight horses and to underdose the heavy weight horses.

Horses over 15hh may require more than one syringe for the wormer to be effective. 

If you under dose your horse then the wormer will not work and you will be wasting your money.

If you over dose your horse or pony then you could be contributing to an increase in the speed of worms developing resistance to the chemical wormers.