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Stud and Stallion Advice Sheet


It is important to ensure that your stallion stays in prime conditions and is free from worms.  Most stallions are either stable kept or on paddock turnout only.  It is very easy to remove worms completely in this controlled environment.

Our consultants can work with you to create a health care partnership for the worming management and care of your stallion.

Please either email or call our consultants on 01267 241136 for further details.

Alternatively you should provide chemical coverage for your stallion that includes treatments for encysted worms and tapeworm.

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Ensure that all visiting mares and followers are free from significant parasite infection by worming on arrival and taking a dung sample for worm egg count analysis.

Use Equimax on arrival as it is the ONLY licensed product to use in pregnant and lactating mares to treat against the nematode worms and tapeworm in a single dose.  Following up with an ivermectin wormer if the mare stays for longer than eight weeks.

Ensure that young horses graze only clean paddocks and especially not the paddocks used by the visiting mares.

Use either Equest or Panacur Equine Guard on all mares and youngstock in the autumn.  This will ensure that any encysted worm burden is removed before the winter months.

Use worm egg counts to monitor the worm burden in the resident mares and youngstock.  This will ensure that the worm control is working.

We can work with you in partnership to arrange a full stud worming program and management service.  This will cover resident mares, young stock and stallions as well as incorporating visiting mares.

Please either email or call our consultants  on 01267 241136 if you would like to discuss this in further detail.

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