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New Horse Advice Sheet

When a new horse joins a yard there are so many things to consider.

Has it brought disease with it?

Does it have worms?

Will it mix with the other horses?

The safest way to address this is to keep the horse in an isolation pen for the first week.  This can be a fenced paddock or an electric fenced area.

This will enable any health issues to be spotted while the horse is separated from the others. 

Intelligent Worming have developed a new horse worming program that will ensure your new horse is completely protected from worms, and any exisiting worm burden is dealt with. 

When you take on a new horse or pony the change in its environment can have severe consequences on the way it handles a worm burden. 

In 9 years we have a 100% success rate in ensuring that your new horse does not have a worm related health incidence.

Don't delay, register your horse now and we can get the starter pack out to you straight away.

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