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Foals and Youngstock Advice Sheet

It is always really exciting when you get a foal, and worming is a critical health care issue to them. 

Foals are very susceptible to adult roundworms and it is important to make sure that they are given the protection they need to reach their potential without worm damage. 

In an adult horse if there are gaps in the worming program and it is exposed to any parasites it’s natural immunity will protect it until this is noticed. This is not the case in a foal as when a foal is born is does not have any immunity to parasite infestation at all.  It develops this during its first two years of life.  A foal needs increased chemical protection until the end of its yearling year  as any exposure to parasites, before this point, will cause internal damage and can prove fatal.

Our Intelligent Worming foal program ensures that your foal is protected 365 days a year,  from the day they start on the program.    A standard worming program for adult horses will not provide sufficient protection, and could lead to worm damage as sufficient protection is not provided. 

Register your foal now, so that we can start their protection without delay.  Please complete and return to us by email to

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Caution should be taken when first worming young stock.  The first time any chemical is given an adverse reaction could occur.  Foals and newly purchased yearlings should be monitored closely after worming.

Foals should be wormed from six weeks of age. 

When mares are turned out with their newborn foals they should ideally go onto pasture that has not been grazed since the previous grazing season, or for at least three months.

Youngstock should graze separate pasture to older horses, and again pasture that has been rested for at least three months.

Young horses need to be wormed at the shortest chemical intervals to support their developing immune system. 

Our consultants have specially designed worming programs for foals and youngstock.  Please call on 01267 241136 or email your request.  These programs will protect your foal from all worms that he/she is vunerable to and provide you with peace of mind that you are doing the best for your youngster.