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Standard Worming Programmes

All of the products on our site are licensed for use in the UK and all of the advice that we give is verified with the Diagnosteq veterinary parasitologists at the University of Liverpool.

The recommendations that are being given to all vets in practise is to evaluate the situation of each client individually and prevent the practise of dosing all animals with the same product on the same day unless absolutely necessary.

It is very dangerous for horse owners to attempt this on their own as parasites can be fatal, and so we have developed a range of standard worming programmes to ensure that your horse, pony, donkey or foal has absolutely the correct worming programme.

Each programme carries the benefit of our automatic delivery service, whereby the wormers are delivered in the post and all you have to do is give them to your equine.

All of the programmes are designed to include the following:

  • All wormers and worm egg counts for a twelve month period
  • A worm egg count to check that the programme is working
  • Automatic Home Delivery 
  • Worming MOT by a senior equine advisor

Foal Worming Programme 

Ensure that your foal is protected 365 days a year, from the day they start on the program. This level of protection is critical to the first year of their life, and not usually necessary as they become young adult horses.  Foals are very susceptible to adult roundworms and it is important to make sure that they are given the protection they need to reach their potential without worm damage.

A standard worming program for adult horses will not provide sufficient protection, and could lead to permanent worm damage.


Yearling Worming Programme

Continues the protection of the foal worming programme whilst your yearling continues to grow and develop. 

Broodmare Worming Programme

Ensures that the energy of your broodmare is directed towards developing a strong, healthy foal and not battling internal worm activity.

Donkey Worming Programme 

Intelligent Worming has designed a worming program specifically for donkeys.  This takes into account the fact that donkeys metabolise drugs differently to horses and only uses wormers that are licensed for use in donkeys.

Veteran Worming Programme 

Looks after your equines as their immune systems diminish with age.  We ensure that they have complete protection from worm infestation in their senior years, but do not have un necessary chemicals.


Worming MOT

A good investment to ensure that your horse or yard has absolutely the correct worming programme.




Intelligent Worming identifies ‘high risk’ situations where permanent preventative treatments are required and designs cost effective, efficient and accurate worming programs.

  • Dealing yards
  • High risk livery yards
  • Horses and ponies with low immune systems
  • Fields that have pasture contamination

If you think that your horse, pony or yard is in a high risk situation then select one of the worming programmes below or contact one of our equine advisors to ensure protection 365 days a year.

These programmes include:

  • Programme design by a senior equine consultant
  • Automatic home delivery
  • 2 tapeworm treatments
  • 2 encysted treatments
  • Bot treatment
  • Worm egg count by veterinary parasitologists at the University of Liverpool

Moxidectin / Ivermectin

Includes :

  • 2 Equest
  • 2 Equimax
  • 1 Ivermectin 
  • 1 Worm egg count 


Includes :

  • 7 pyrantal
  • 1 Equest
  • 1 Panacur Equine Guard
  • 1 worm egg count 



Includes :

  • 2 Panacur Equine Guard
  • 2 Equimax
  • 2 worm egg count
  • 2 Panacur

Please note that your horse can only stay on each worming programme for one year only, in order to prevent the worms becoming resistant to the chemicals.

Contact our equine advisors today for further information.