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Natural Parasite Control

Natural parasite control is an area where more and more new products are appearing every year.

In order to be called a wormer the product must be licensed.  Natural products have not been submitted for the licensing tests which is why they cannot be called wormers.

We have tested many of them during the last eight years and can comment, from our own experiences, as follows:

  • Most parasite control supplements work in a situation where there is no pasture contamination and the equine has a negligible worm burden to start with.
  • Their effectiveness deteriorates as the level of parasite challenge to the horse increases.

We would make the following recommendations:

  1. Always use worm egg counts to ensure that your worming programme is effective.
  2. Do not accept a reduction of less than 95% in your equines worm burden if a positive result is reported.
  3. Any level of worms over 150epg should not be tolerated or left to continue.
  4. Do not use natural products on foals, youngstock and broodmares. There are some risks not worth taking.

Natural parasite control products are not subject to the same independant testing requirements as chemical wormers and should therefore always be used with careful consideration.