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Intelligent WormingTM

Intelligent Worming’ is the modern alternative to traditional worming.  It provides the best protection possible against the parasite challenges facing equines today, together with the convenience of automatic home delivery. “ 

It is more than just a worming programme.  Intelligent Worming is a fully comprehensive service that includes the design and ongoing management of your worming programme.  Once you have registered we do all the work for you.  Every programme is individually written for your horse or yard and uses a scientific diagnostic process to ensure it is absolutely the right one.

‘Intelligent Worming’ is used by all types of owners including those with a single horse at home, livery yards, studs and Olympic competition horses.  We also offer specialised programmes for donkeys, veterans, broodmare and foals, who need a rather different approach to parasite protection.   It costs between £1 and £2 per week and we have special packages for ponies, smaller horses and multiple horse owners.  

This includes the initial risk assessment and programme design, the ongoing management of the programme, all wormers and worm egg counts.  Everything, even the delivery, is included.  No wonder it is the fastest growing alternative to traditional chemical worming.

This is why you should consider Intelligent Worming next time you choose a wormer.

  • Our consultants design a tailor made programme for each customer. 
You can be certain that your horse, pony or yard has  the exact worming programme THEY need. 
  • Trained consultants manage the risk of reducing chemicals.
You have peace of mind that your horse is safe as ‘Intelligent Worming’ has a 100% success rate.
  • Chemical wormers are used only when necessary. 
Your horse has the chemicals they need, but ONLY the chemicals that they need.
  • Completely stops the development of worm resistance to chemicals.
You do not need to worry about changing your  worming programme annually.
  • Our worm egg counts are carried out at the leading veterinary parasitology laboratory in the UK.
Worms are a potential fatal disease.  You will have     the security of knowing that there is veterinary involvement and recommendations with ‘Intelligent Worming’.

What some of our customers say.

“Intelligent Worming is an essential part of the way we manage our livery yard. Thank’s” 
Karen operates a livery yard in Scotland.

“My five horses all have different worming needs. Intelligent Worming is brilliant. I don’t know how I coped without it.”
Brenda keeps her horses at home and has been using Intelligent Worming for six years.

“Intelligent Worming gives me peace of mind. I know that my horses are not having chemicals they do not need.”
Graham has a competition yard and his horses are healthier without a worm burden.

“To win in high level competition Jack has to be in top form. That is why we use Intelligent Worming.”
Robert Stevens, 3DE and trainer for Jack of Diamonds.  Jack is on the Olympic Pathway 2012 and Intelligent Worming.

“Our son Luke loves Harry.  He is part of the family and deserves the best worming protection possible for him.”
Diane, mum of Luke aged 6 years old.

“I wanted a healthy alternative to chemical worming and Intelligent Worming is the most natural way of worming possible.  With Intelligent Worming we now know that they do not have worms.”
Clare keeps her horses at home and before starting Intelligent Worming she had cut back on worming but was not sure that she was doing the right thing.

“My horse now has the right wormers at the right time and because of the automatic delivery I don’t even have to remember when. Intelligent Worming has made my life much easier.”
Sarah keeps Chance at livery. She competes at the weekend and works during the week.

“Naïvely I was regularly dosing with the same chemical but switched to Intelligent Worming to clear chemical resistant worms. It was a good decision.”
Fiona keeps her Arab Marmaduke at her home in France

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